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We specialize in constructing durable, high-quality, and cost-effective commercial buildings.

S.E. Trogdon & Sons Inc. was founded in 1928 by S.E. Trogdon, Sr., and it quickly earned a reputation as an effective, reliable commercial construction company. Over the years, the company expanded, and in 1959, Trogdon Sr. incorporated the company to include his three sons. The three brothers started out working on jobsites, learning to build commercial buildings in a direct, hands-on way. Later, they transitioned into more administrative roles, preparing bids, managing projects, and working with customers rather than participating in the construction directly.

As time went on, the three brothers had sons of their own, some of whom joined the family business in their turn. We are proud to be on our third generation as a family-owned business, and we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality results and excellent customer service in all we do. Our team is committed to maintaining our reputation of integrity, honesty, and quality construction.

We specialize in commercial construction, and we have worked on countless commercial buildings over the years. If you need a new building for your business, whether to expand your operation or move your workplace to a new location, we encourage you to reach out to our team to get our experts on the job.

Our team is proud to be a part of the community in Asheboro, North Carolina, and we want to take care of all your commercial construction needs. If you want to know more about our commercial buildings or other services, simply give us a call.

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